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Biggest LAN-PARTY ever - 7752 people
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At Dreamhack Winter 2006 the organization tried and succeeded in beating the existing world record for the biggest LAN party. Their goal was to get 10,000 people there. As of October 15, 2006, tickets for 10,000 people had already been sold.On the first of December, a representative from Guinness Book of Records officially announced that the record had indeed been broken. The new record is 7752 attendants and 7788 computers connected to the network, although the calculated attendance of DreamHack 2006 was 10,638."

Poze Dreamhack Winter 2006

Locatie si sosirea participantilor


Am gasit si un virus (sau ce o fi m-am speriat rau)

Mai multe poze de la eveniment gasiti aici

Dreamhack este un Lan Party ce are loc de doua ori pe an in Jönköping, Suedia. La editia din 24-25 Noiembrie 2004 au participat 5272 de persoane, la fata locului fiind aduse 5853 calculatoare, toate conectate in aceeasi retea. Acest lucru a fost considerat un record fiind omologat de catre cei de la Guinness Book of Records si Twin Galaxies.
In 2005 au participat 7538 persoane!
La editia din 2006 s-a incercat doborarea (din nou) recordului, si chiar s-a reusit. Pana la 15 Octombrie 2006 se anuntasera 10.000 de participanti Pe 1 Decembrie 2006 ora 18:33, un reprezentant al Guinness Book of Records a anuntat doborarea recordului: 7752 participanti - 7788 calculatoare conectate intr-o singura retea.
Daca doriti sa participati la eventul din 16-19 Iunie 2007, mai multe detalii puteti afla aici. Biletul costa aproximativ 75 euro.

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Count me in !!!!!
de retro computer in data de 2007-01-28 11:19
Panoramas are from the Gathering 2004 and Assembly 2003.
de languy in data de 2007-01-28 15:18
Big party!
de jorge in data de 2007-01-28 15:30
iti dai seama cati tera de femei au avut aia acolo =))
de Cristi in data de 2007-01-28 15:30
The lower panaroma is from Assembly
de jepi in data de 2007-01-28 15:57
I see our pictures has found their way here :)
These pictures are originally from
de mee in data de 2007-01-28 18:02
Nah io nu am vazut nici un miez de femeie acolea....
de Nenea Marius in data de 2007-01-28 19:26
de sdf in data de 2007-01-28 20:57
Please try using or some similar service. You'll end up living with those bandwidth exceeded photos forever if not.
de wendall911 in data de 2007-01-28 21:11
Ca bine zice @wendall911.. meri mai pi Flickr sau vrei sa ti se falfaie toata luna? :D

Si problemele abia incep, ti-a trebuit blog? Nah.. acum ai blog de nu poti sa il duci sau nu poate blogu' sa le duca.. serverele, serverele te asteapta ca maine e luni ;;)
de NoMAD in data de 2007-01-29 00:14
cant u just play on the internet with a lot more then 7000 people lol
de Shareware Software in data de 2007-01-29 02:38
What a party !!
de glendale winnipeg in data de 2007-01-29 06:21
sniff sniff..unde e dracula party-ul nostru? :(( miss that!
de dushu in data de 2007-01-29 10:54
This allows me to make a point I've long been waiting to make.

Note that these are elite users. They are die hard gamers, they build their own cases and even write their own game mods and software.

Now note that about +70% of them are still using CRT monitors... because CRT's are still superior in terms of image quality, response time and resolution flexibility.

Something for you to think about....
de HardwareGuru in data de 2007-01-29 11:38
bre, dacă venim si noi, cei 100 de hyperliteraturisti, cine pisici mai munceste :p .
de hyperliteratura in data de 2007-01-29 14:32
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